Domestic home user services

Green computing - Service rather than replace

We see far too many computers being disposed of when there are in fact many years of life left in them.  Just like a motor vehicle, a home computer should be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure many years of satisfaction from your investment.  The Operating System and other accompanying software applications should be updated regularly to ensure that bug fixes and more importantly, security threats are stopped in their tracks.  Anti-virus and other security products should be installed and maintained to ensure they are operating at their best.

Many computers may also have additional parts fitted inside them to increase the speed and storage capability, extending the valuable life of your computer equipment even further and saving the expense of a new computer.

Our service engineers are skilled in optimizing a home computer to improve it's performance and speed - saving you from having to replace your computer for a newer model.

Ubuntu Linux - Reinvigorating supposedly 'obsolete' computers

Many users believe that the only alternative to Microsoft Windows is Apple Mac OSX.  This is not the case.  Built upon the same technology as the Apple Mac OSX Operating System, Linux is as reliable as Apple Mac OSX but without the large price tag.  Linux also runs on standard computer hardware unlike Apple Mac OSX which requires an Apple computer.

Linux is an alternative to Microsoft Windows.  Computers running Linux are not affected by the same virus, spyware and malware issues which affect Microsoft Windows users.  Computers running Linux also operate faster and require much less maintenance.

With the demise of support for Microsoft Windows XP from Microsoft in April 2014, many of our clients opted to use a GNU/Linux system such as Ubuntu on their home computer, rather than dispose of the computer and purchase a new one - at Corrilan IT Consultancy Ltd, we are CompTIA Linux+ Certified meaning that we can get your computer up and running on GNU/Linux in no time - fast, secure, safe from viruses and malware.  GNU/Linux is our speciality.

Where do we work?

Our domestic home computer service engineers primarily operate in the regions of Thurrock and Rochford in Essex - along the A13 and A127.  We service some clients further afield such as London and Suffolk using our remote control capabilities - allowing us to take control of the clients computer from our offices.  We are willing to send engineers further afield upon special request if required.

Examples of the work we carry out

The following prices are for examples of servicing Microsoft Windows based domestic home desktop systems.  For business services, server products, Apple Macintosh and GNU / Linux systems please contact us.

Health Check - Includes virus scanning, disk cleanup, defragmentation, update of operating system and other installed software.  Approximate cost to perform work at your home £90.00.  We may perform a Health Check remotely to reduce the cost, dependant on Internet connectivity.

Linksys Wireless Router Wireless Broadband Router Configuration - Do you have a wireless broadband router to share your Internet connection throughout your house?  We will configure and secure your connection from prying eyes.  Installation can usually be completed within one hour.  Approximate cost to perform work at your home £55.00 plus parts.

Basic PC Repair - Such as minor repairs or the installation of new parts.  Virus removal or installation of software.  Approximate cost to perform work at your home £90.00 plus parts.  We are often able to carry out such tasks remotely to reduce the cost, dependant on Internet connectivity.  More complex repairs may be subjected to an additional hourly charge*.

Image of a virus scanner detecting viruses on a Microsoft Windows computer.
Image of a Microsoft Windows 7 desktop.

Microsoft Windows re-install - Slow PC?  Is your Start Menu cluttered?  Do you have unused software you don't require?  Have your operating system reinstalled from scratch, includes installation of all required drivers, updates and extra software supplied on disk by yourself.  We will also install additional software to aid your use of the computer including virus and spyware protection, Adobe Flash and Java, video playing tools etc.  Approximate cost to perform work in our workshop £90.00.  We are not able to offer this service in your own home due to the time constraint.

Re-install OS and save personal files - Same as above but we will ensure that all of your work is saved before we start.  We will then restore any files you specify.  Approximate cost to perform work in our workshop £115.00.  We are not able to offer this service in your own home due to the time constraint.

Data recovery - Have you lost vital data?  Has your hard disk drive failed and you need work that was stored on it?  We have partnered with specialist data recovery labs to provide the best possible chance of a successful recovery of your missing data.  We will assess the drive in house free of charge but should a drive need to be sent to our partner facilities, a charge may be imposed by themselves.  Average cost of our own in house data recovery service is £99.00.  Cost of data recovery using our partner facilities can be a great deal higher - exactly why we always recommend you regularly backup your personal data to a USB device or online cloud storage facility  

It may sometimes be faster and more effective to carry out repairs in our own workshops as we have access to faster Internet connections which will reduce the time for updates and installations to take place.

*Any additional hours require to complete a task are charged at £35.00 per hour.

For work

Our solutions & services for business users include:

Regular or ad-hoc support visits
Provision of IT support department
Digium Asterisk telecommunications systems
Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
Web servers
Email servers
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Computer repair
Memory upgrades
Replacement of parts
Wireless Broadband Router Configuration
Operating System re-install
Re-install OS and save business data
Data recovery
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)


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